Mo-Sci Foundation

The MO-SCI Charitable Foundation was founded in 2002, by the officers of the MO-SCI Corporation, for the purpose of supporting charitable, educational, scientific and humanitarian organizations in the greater Rolla area.  This was a major step for a small company, but it was considered important to provide the employees and officers of MO-SCI Corp a way that they could collectively contribute, in important ways, to the general welfare of the Rolla area.  The MO-SCI Charitable Foundation is a Missouri Non Profit Corporation and is Federally recognized as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. 

Each year the MO-SCI Corporation transfers a portion of its income to the MO-SCI Charitable Foundation. The Board of Directors of the MO-SCI Charitable Foundation review requests that are received from organizations in the greater Rolla area and make the difficult decision where the funds can be used most effectively.  Typically, a major fraction of the available funds are used to assist young persons with their educational expenses.  This includes:

(1) providing students graduating from the Rolla and Newburg High Schools with scholarships to universities,

(2) scholarships for students attending the Rolla Technical Institute and Rolla Technical Center,

(3) funding scholarships of various kinds to support teenagers participating in Community Partnership programs,

(4) funds for various enrichment programs in grade schools,

(5) support for CORE, and

(6) funds for many educational activities at the Missouri University of Science and Technology. 

The MO-SCI Corporation is pleased, that through the MO-SCI Charitable Foundation, it is able to aid, in important ways, the youth and residents of the greater Rolla area.

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