Mo-Sci was founded by Dr. Delbert Day in 1985 as a means to supply glass and ceramic products for niche market applications that couldn’t support the normal volume requirements of the glass industry. 

Mo-Sci’s founding product was a glass microsphere used in TheraSphere┬«. It is a technology to treat inoperable liver cancer. No other company would manufacture the glass microsphere component so Dr. Day used this situation to look at the larger picture and determine that if there were one or two companies that had special niche glass needs, then maybe there was enough need to support a small business.

Starting with one engineer at a rented desk in a university lab, Mo-Sci has grown into a family of three companies each specializing within specific market areas. With a customer base of over 2,000 and exporting to 50+ countries, our growth and success indicate that Dr. Day’s vision was on target.

In 2001, Mo-Sci started its Health Care and Specialty Products subsidiaries. Mo-Sci Corp. (parent group) offers complete glass material development, state of the art research and development facilities, complete glass characterization (analytical) and has over 200 years of technical glass experience under one roof. Mo-Sci Health Care provides glass microspheres, fibers, powders and materials to the majority of the pharmaceutical and medical device industry. Mo-Sci Specialty Products provides materials to all other specialty markets.

In our early years, Mo-Sci participated heavily in the Small Business Innovative Research programs sponsored by different government agencies. We also partnered with Missouri University of Science & Technology to leverage our capabilities to be able compete with much larger companies. The combination of the SBIR and University affiliations was enough to keep the small company viable until we landed our first large commercial project with a major pharmaceutical firm.

Through continuous development of new and innovative products, realizing the value of customer relationships and true organic growth, Mo-Sci has grown into one of the most successful small glass businesses in existence today. While the number of traditional glass manufacturers in the U.S. continue to shrink, Mo-Sci continues to grow stronger and more diverse.