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We aid clients with custom high-tech glass development and manufacturing.

Mo-Sci has partnered with clients across multiple industries to create custom glass solutions for their unique applications.


Specialty and bioactive glasses for bone and wound care applications; hemostatic devices


Engineered proppants for oil fracking; hydrogen storage via porous glass shells; nuclear waste vitrification


Ultra strong and lightweight transparent glass/polymer composites for windows; precision bond line spacers


Light sensor technology; non-toxic NVIS night vision technologies


Precision glass microspheres; bond line spacers; sealing glasses and frit powders; silane coatings

Custom Development Process

Step 1

Bring us your custom glass requirements.

Talk to us if you need a specialized glass that is custom-tailored to your application.

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Step 2

We find out what it will take to develop it.

We will see if anything in our catalog fits your needs. If we don’t have it, we can most likely make it.

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Step 3

We provide a proposal.

We will propose a development plan for your custom glass. If you choose to move forward, we will see the product through from R&D all the way to final form manufacturing.

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Standard Products

Mo-Sci supplies glass microspheres, powders, ingots, and specialty glasses tailor-made for a broad array of application needs — from aerospace to pharmaceuticals.

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Jump-start your product development with sample quantities of our standard glass products.