Corporate Responsibility

Mo-Sci approaches business relationships as a partnership. As a sole supplier for many Fortune 500 companies, it is essential we provide service that is second-to-none.

In fact, many think of Mo-Sci as simply an off-site manufacturing department providing seamless integration into their existing supply chain. 

  • Worldwide — be the best producer of health-related glass products to help people live a better life due, in part, to our product.
  • Local Community — to create high quality jobs for our employees and be the employer of choice.
  • Customers — be the most beneficial, easiest and most complete supplier/partner.

Mo-Sci’s team approaches each day with this purpose in mind: “specializing in excellence and selling peace of mind.” This came from the realization that while we sell a small volume of material compared to other glass companies, the product works every time and our customers never have to worry or lose sleep about Mo-Sci’s ability to deliver.

In over 30 years, Mo-Sci has NEVER had to recall any products and our customers have NEVER had to recall any of their products based on the component materials purchased from Mo-Sci.