With over 150 years of glass research experience, MO-SCI R&D covers the gamut when it comes to industrial and government/military product development.

Areas of focus include:

    • Energy — engineered proppants for oil fracking, Hydrogen storage via porous glass shells, and nuclear waste vitrification;
    • Healthcare — specialty and bioactive glasses for bone and wound care applications, hemostatic devices;
    • Automotive– ultra strong and light weight transparent glass/polymer composites for windows;
    • Military — light sensor technology and non-toxic NVIS night vision technologies; and
    • Porous Materials — porous silica Vycor-like materials, Porous Wall Hollow Glass Microspheres, and hydroxyapatite media.

While this is not all-inclusive, it does illustrate just how diverse the sectors in which Mo-Sci operates.

MO-SCI’s Research and Development team produces quantities ranging from grams to tons, and in frit, spheres, ribbon, fiber, or custom cast shapes based on the needs of the customer. MO-SCI looks forward to speaking with you about your product inquiry.