Fluorescent glass can be tailor-made to uniquely identify the manufacturer and lot number for many types of products, particularly powders, plastics, papers, and liquids.

Available Variables:

  • Particle size
  • Chemical composition
  • Fluorescent properties
  • Magnetic properties

These variables provide a vast number of combinations with which to uniquely identify products.

The high temperature, high strength, chemically inert, and chemically insoluble nature of glass microspheres is far superior to polymers allowing lower concentrations in the products.

For example, a significant fraction of polymer taggants would be destroyed by the high temperatures in an explosion, making them harder to detect and collect for identification. Fluorescent Glass is not destroyed at the temperatures where polymer beads are destroyed, so lower concentrations of Fluorescent Glass can be used.

The ratio of uncommon or rare elements that can be used in glass compositions insures that counterfeiting is almost impossible.

Whether you need to tag fish, money, or manufactured products, Mo-Sci can develop taggants that uniquely identify your products. If you want peace of mind, select Mo-Sci for your security ne