Worker in protective gear removing a crucible from a glass furnace

Mo-Sci offers a variety of custom glass melting services. Our range of furnace types and sizes allows us to tailor our melting techniques to your specific glass needs. 

We custom melt all types of silicate, boro and aluminosilicate, borate and phosphate glasses, and specialize in developing unique compositions to meet your performance requirements.

Contact us with your specifications to receive a quote from our team of glass experts.

Molten glass being poured from a crucible

Exceptional Quality Control

All raw materials are certified by our quality department before use. Raw materials are accurately weighed, blended, mixed, and melted to yield glass that meets your specifications, and is certified as conforming to your specifications before shipping.

Custom Glass Melting Capabilities

  • Batch furnaces for R&D and small-scale melting 
  • Bottom draining furnaces
  • Continuous melt capabilities
  • Crucible melting in refractory and precious metal from 100 g to tonnage quantities. 
  • Melting temperatures up to 1600°C
  • Sol-Gel Processing Capabilities
  • Forming Services
  • Frit or flake form factors
  • Spheroidization Services up to 500 µm
  • Spray Drying capabilities
  • Cast shapes of round ingots, discs, small blocks
  • Milling and screening